What if this appointment is to say goodbye

We recognize that this is an emotional and difficult appointment to make and Dr. Merry will do everything possible to make your pet’s last moments full of love and peace. Allowing a pet’s final moments to be spent in their family home, surrounded by the comforts and smells they have known all their life and the people who love them, is a final gift we can give. The entire procedure will be explained once we arrive, according to your interest level and comfort. Everything will be done at the pace you and your pet dictate. A sedation injection is given to ensure your pet is comfortable. This provides a gentle transition from consciousness to a state of deep sleep. Once you and your pet are ready, the final euthanasia medication is given, usually in a vein. It works very rapidly, only seconds in most cases. Dr. Merry will then confirm that your pet has passed on. A paw print is made when you are ready, and additional hair may be clipped if you wish. If we are handling transportation for cremation, Dr. Merry will excuse herself for a few minutes to give you time alone, then return with a small basket or stretcher and soft blanket to transport your pet to the car. If you choose private cremation, information on how and when your pet’s ashes will be coming home is discussed.

As the time nears, if your pet is interested in treats, it can be nice to offer something special like tuna, ice cream or hot dogs (just not too much or your pet may get a stomach ache). If your pet is mobile, taking a dog outside for a potty break or providing your cat with a freshly cleaned litter box may help ensure that he/she is more comfortable when we arrive. Other pets are welcome to be present during or after the euthanasia, as it seems there is much more closure when they are able to see and smell the body of their friend. Sometimes, other pets in the house will appear to ignore their friend who has passed. Rest assured, they have taken in the situation and understand despite their lack of reaction. Please remember you are not alone in this. We are available for consultation appointments and together we can make a plan for when we can no longer ensure a good quality of life, but can offer a kind and gentle passing.