House call travel fee: in Pullman $34 per visit
House call travel fee: Pullman outskirts (within 10 minutes) $42 per visit

Veterinary appointment: $68 per pet
This fee is for the active appointment time (45 to 60 minutes). Depending on the situation, this may include a comprehensive physical exam, reviewing medical history, addressing behavior or health concerns, or time needed for end-of-life care.

Progress exam: $48
This applies if we are following up on a pet for a specific medical condition or continuing a health check and vaccination series for a pediatric patient (30 minutes).

Euthanasia and cremation: Euthanasia and cremation: House call and appointment fee applies. Euthanasia service and cremation costs are based on a pet’s bodyweight. Please email with this information if you would like a cost estimate. Please email

Vaccines available during your appointment:
Please email with your pet’s age and vaccine history if you would like Dr. Merry to figure if any vaccines are due and which vaccines are appropriate for your pet.

Canine Vaccinations

Rabies $26 – 3 year duration for adults, 1 year duration for puppies, includes tag & rabies certificate.

DHPPL $28 – in adults, the DHPP portion is given every 3 years and the L (leptospirosis) is given annually.

DHPP $21 – commonly administered as part of a puppy vaccine series.

Leptospirosis $21 – this is an annual exam, every 3rd year in adults it is included within the DHPPL combination vaccine.

Bordetella $21 – oral vaccination given annually.

Feline Vaccinations

Rabies $30 – this is a safe, feline specific, non-adjuvated micro-dose vaccine that is given annually to cats. While the rabies vaccine we give dogs is also labeled for cats, it includes an adjuvant which can cause an inflammatory response in cats & while rare, has been associated with injection site sarcomas. For this reason, we only administer the feline specific rabies vaccines. A 3 year version of this vaccine is also available for $80.

FVRCP $21 – initial vaccine is an injectable vaccine, but boosters are intranasal vaccines. Most adult cats receive this every 3 years, but cats with chronic respiratory symptoms or watery eyes are boosted annually.

Felv $36 – it’s recommended that all kittens receive 2 vaccines and a booster at 1 year. If cats are indoor only, we do not continue boosters after this. Adult cats with outdoor access are boosted every 3 years (or more frequently if getting in cat fights).