Our Team

Shannon Merry, DVM

Dr. Merry and her cat
Dr. Merry & Za’atar

Dr. Shannon Merry traveled from her native state of Montana to the Pacific Northwest in 2002. She earned her doctoral degree from WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine and also holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology/Zoology and Psychology/Communications. With shared interests in animal welfare and international travel, Dr. Merry has been able to practice veterinary medicine throughout the South Pacific and Latin America with some extraordinary organizations: World Vets, Vets without Borders, and Danta Conservation for the Tropics. While exploring other countries and cultures is important to her, the community of the Palouse is where Dr. Merry feels truly at home.

In 2018, Dr. Merry began Traveling Tails- a mobile veterinary service bringing individualized personal care to her patients and the people who love them.

She feels honored to help nurture the human-animal-bond and contribute to the health and well-being of the cats and dogs in her care. While Dr. Merry enjoys many aspects of veterinary care, she is particularly interested in managing long-term chronic conditions in pets and improving their quality of life, which in turn helps their people feel good too. When the time comes, she feels humbled and privileged to help pets with a peaceful at-home goodbye.

When not practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Merry can be found at home snuggling her own pets. While she has had as many as four dogs at one time, her home is now run by four cats, all named after favorite international foods the Merry family discovered traveling together: Skyr (Icelandic yogurt), Za’atar (middle eastern spice), and sibling pair Lokum (Turkish delight) & Brezel (pretzel). Dr. Merry also has a geriatric aquatic frog named Zota, after a Costa Rican research base where Dr. Merry worked during her pre-veterinary career. When unwinding or cooking supper, Dr. Merry enjoys a glass of wine from her husband Patrick’s local winery, Merry Cellars. For entertainment, Dr. Merry plays Dungeons and Dragons with her husband & friends. She also loves live music and has a soft spot for old-timey bluegrass tunes and even plays the washboard.

Roxanne, Vet Assistant

Roxanne and her dog Lucky
Roxanne & Lucky

Roxanne’s journey into veterinary medicine began in western Washington, where she worked as a kennel and veterinary assistant for 2 years. She moved to Pullman in 2008 to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Sciences at WSU. Also studying abroad in Belize, Roxanne performed supervised spay and neuter surgeries. After completing her degree, she juggled a busy schedule for 3 years working as a veterinary assistant by day and on Pullman’s campus tending bar by night.

Dr. Merry and Roxanne began working together in 2014 and quickly realized that they make a great team! Roxanne’s friendly nature and considerable animal knowledge have made her a sought after pet sitter and animal caretaker here on the Palouse! She still manages to carve out some time to accompany Dr. Merry on house calls that require an extra set hands and is an expert at feline blood draws! She appreciates that Traveling Tails allows her to continue her veterinary adventures and to indulge in her love of biology and medicine. Her home is shared with a sweet Chihuahua mix named Lucky and a little orange tabby named Carrot, who was found and rescued at only 4 weeks old.

Roxanne’s In-Home Pet Care

To inquire about in-home services including nail trims, gland expression, dog walking, and pet sitting, text, call, or email: 360-346-0335 or roxannetrocino@gmail.com